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Tesla fortunes disrupt EV market as BMW and Peugeot volumes also slide

Tesla Model 3 electric car

DESPITE Tesla’s Model Y being the best-selling new car in March, the brand’s overall registrations for both the month and the first quarter of the year were down more than 2,000 units. The significant drop has contributed to a stalling of the total EV market share.
For March, Tesla was down 2,428 cars and for the quarter it was down 2,192 units.
The figures would suggest that, despite Tesla’s recent price cuts…

Product and production rule in 2022

Tesla Model Y Best selling BEV in 2022

There is a clear divide between individual models. There are some that are in demand, with long waiting times, and those that are freely available. This indicates it’s more a popularity contest than a production problem and that it’s not a brand issue but a model issue.
OF ALL the new car sales trends of 2022, perhaps the most significant is that brand is less important than product.

Those car makers with good individual products (in good supply) have