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Broker News Newsletter 10 March 2021

Mark Cox Volvo

Don’t ignore the brokers Volvo On a global basis, Volvo would dearly love its customer to form an orderly digital queue to acquire electric Volvos through Volvo channels. It’s a brand dream. And it simply won’t work. Market channels in the UK are too complex for such a simple approach and the broker market not only has digital advantage, it has consumer reach. And it…

Volvo undecided on broker strategy for personal EV leasing

Mark Cox Volvo

SWEDISH car maker Volvo announced last week that it would only make its EVs available online in the future. It was, said the company, the next step in its automotive progress to becoming a fully electric car maker by 2030. Volvo also positioned its subscription service, Care by Volvo, as the default buying option as a “complete convenient customer offering”, according to…