THE BVRLA’s annual forecast shows that demand for sustainable vehicles and technology is high, but the industry is ready and waiting. The Industry Outlook 2020 report finds that the leasing industry is already prepared for next year’s expected fleet trends.

Looking at issues such as electric vehicle supply, data access, garage capacity, and local transport policymaking, the Industry Outlook 2020 report analyses what key issues could impact its members in the coming 12 months. BVRLA members are already developing new digital platforms and trialing new models in readiness for what the report’s 20 experts have highlighted as top topics.

BVRLA chief executive, Gerry Keaney, said: “Our sector is in for a bumpy ride in 2020, but it has both hands on the wheel. BVRLA members are providing more consultancy and advice and building stronger customer relationships and loyalty.

“They are ideally positioned to take advantage of some of today’s key megatrends. Finance remains cheap and society is becoming used to the idea of buying a service rather than owning an asset.”

Read the BVRLA’s 2020 Industry Outlook report here.

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