TMC has launched a new product called TMC-e.

TMC-e can provide businesses with the ability to make data led decisions on EV suitablity for their fleets and the ongoing fleet management.

The new tool from the award-winning fuel audit company considers four areas:

  • The feasibility of using EVs and where they would work well
  • Ongoing EV decision analysis
  • Domestic charging reimbursement
  • Public charging payment and reimbursement

To do this, TMC uses data collected through its online system, app and via telematics feeds to analyse the journey profile of each vehicle to identify where electric vehicles could be deployed effectively.

Once EVs are adopted TMC-e then continues to measure the impact of EVs on the fleet and if and when more vehicles in the fleet could be switched to EV.

The tool also covers electric charging reimbursement. TMC takes in domestic charging data and overlay this with mileage data to reimburse employees for business mileage. TMC can provide payroll files to reimburse employees, or they can arrange a credit to the drivers’ energy bill. Reimbursement can be at AER or actual cost.

Public charging costs are also covered, says TMC.

Our real-world data-driven solutions give fleets the full picture to take the uncertainty out of going electric. Although there is a lot of desire to go electric, many companies are asking for support on where to start. We help identify where EVs will work well and provide ongoing analysis to measure their effectiveness and highlight where else EVs could be deployed. We also manage the reimbursement of domestic and public charging – giving fleets the confidence and tools to get their electric ambitions underway. Existing TMC customers using mileage capture and fuel services benefit automatically from TMC-e.

Paul Hollick, managing director, TMC

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