TONY Burns is experienced in the motor trade. He started in 1986 in a Ford dealership, has owned a used car operation, brokered cars (particularly Mercedes) at Prestige Car Leasing, but there’s only one job that has really got his vote.

“It’s the best thing that ever happened,” says Tony, who is now a Fleet Alliance Appointed Representative (AR)

In fact Tony first joined Neva Consultants as an AR 12 years ago, but when Fleet Alliance took over the business four years back, Tony says it really was the best thing.

“The terms are so much better, and the support you receive is first rate. I earn a good living and the quality of life is beyond comparison, particularly compared to when I was running Prestige.”

On average he reckons to sell 100 vehicles a year, but Tony is particularly upbeat about this year with “plenty of business coming in”.

He says that 60% of his business is from repeat customers and referrals, while business networking takes care of the rest.

“From the off I tell customers that I won’t sell them a car – I’ll just provide advice. Most of my customers are businesses, so these are people who are very capable about making their own decisions. But I can provide the information. 

“In fact less than half of all my customers end up getting the car they first enquired about – it’s about saving the customers money. Most of us want the best deal, after all.

“My approach is to provide three alternatives – it also shows the customer that I really am working on their behalf. It’s quite time-intensive but it’s not difficult sitting at your desk to create those quotes. And when I send quotes I provide pictures and information rather than overloading them with figures. It means I don’t sell hundreds of cars, but I do provide a good consultative service and get rewarded nicely for it.”

What is Tony’s advice for becoming a Fleet Alliance AR?

If someone wants to come into the leasing broker business with a really well sorted funder, one that provides excellent back up from order through to delivery, then absolutely I would recommend Fleet Alliance. You only have to look at how many people have joined Fleet Alliance and stayed – they don’t turn up and then disappear, which often happens with AR programmes. Many of my old Neva colleagues are still here because they value sound long term relationships. This is a proper business that also values its people.” 

To talk about the AR opportunity with Fleet Alliance

Laura Muir looking for Fleet Alliance Appointed Representative

Send an email to Laura Muir (pictured left), partner development manager at Fleet Alliance, if you are interested in joining the company as an SME focused AR:

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