THE BVRLA is holding four webinars on the new Consumer Duty to help leasing brokers fully understand the implications of what the FCA expects.

The new Consumer Duty will require higher and clearer standards in the treatment of consumers and all financial transactions should put customers’ needs first.

The BVRLA says it “will fundamentally change how firms serve customers”.

The BVRLA says leasing brokers should attend these free events, especially those individuals responsible for business operations and company direction.

Four digital sessions

There will be four separate sessions throughout September covering different aspects of the new requirements.

19 September

The new Consumer Duty principle

20 September

Product and services

26 September

Price and value

27 September

Customer support and consumer understanding

The new Duty will set a higher and clearer standard for consumer protection across financial services, going much further than any existing regulations. Being compliant is not simply a box ticking exercise. We are working with our members to plan this journey of change, identifying what updates need to be made to their business as a result.

Businesses need to have an implementation plan in place, mapping their route to being fully compliant for when it comes into force next summer. It is essential that all members have a fundamental understanding of what the Duty is, what is expected of them and under what timescale they must act. Our deep dives in September will give attendees that understanding, putting the new Consumer Duty in context for their business and supply chains, getting everybody into a position of readiness.

How to register for the BVRLA Consumer Duty webinars

You can register for free HERE.

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