VAN broker specialist Vanarama and Ovo Energy have announced a new partnership that will see the energy firm’s new and existing members offered electric car leasing deals through a dedicated partner site.

On top of the leasing offers, customers will also qualify for a years’ free insurance and fully installed home EV charge point. Ovo’s Free Green Miles scheme – which converts EV miles into a reduction in energy bills – is also open, which means customers can save money on charging their vehicle and on household energy costs.

Andy Alderson, CEO and founder of Vanarama, said:

More and more motorists are looking to make the switch to electric motoring and we are determined to make it as easy and affordable as possible for them to do so. This new partnership with OVO is incredibly exciting and brings together a range of benefits to create an unbeatable offer that other brands can’t even come close to.

Chris Russell, managing director OVO Drive, OVO Energy said: “The new partnership between OVO Energy and Vanarama creates another opportunity for drivers across the UK to reap the rewards from driving an electric vehicle. 

“As a business we’ve set progressive goals to halve our members’ carbon footprint by 2030, as a direct response to the climate crisis. By rolling out innovative new propositions to our members to get into electric vehicles we’re unlocking the huge environmental opportunity that electric vehicles offer.”

Visitors to will find a new section offering a range of tools and information for those considering moving from a petrol or diesel car into an electric model. They can then choose to be redirected to a co-branded partner site and access deals on leasing a wide range of EV models.

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