HEMEL Hempstead van broking specialist, Vanarama, will use Stockviewer to plan stock and tactical sales campaigns.

Ebbon-Dacs, which has developed the new Stockviewer product to manage stock vehicles, special offers and tactical sales campaigns, said Vanarama was the first leasing company to use the platform.

Launched last summer, Stockviewer provides a single, web-based platform to upload, manage and sell large numbers of stock and campaign vehicles. It provides real time visibility of stock status and, says Ebbon-Dacs, avoids vehicle order duplication.

Jo Elms vanarama

Jo Elms, Vanarama chief commercial officer:

“We feel Stockviewer is the perfect platform for us to create and manage our own special campaigns. Its real time capability increases efficiency and automates all of our internal processes, which is just what we wanted.”

For existing users of Leaselink, the Ebbon-Dacs e-procurement tool, Stockviewer will be integrated within the platform. However,  the company says that Stockviewer can also work independently outside the Leaselink platform.

We are delighted that Vanarama has become the first major player to select Stockviewer to handle all its sales campaigns. Vanarama played a big part in helping us develop the product and we believe the new platform will now pave the way for other lease companies and vehicle manufacturers to become involved in its use and development.

Michael Terry, head of commercial, Ebbon-Dacs

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