CARWOW and Vauxhall have signed up to extend their strategic partnership for the remainder of 2022. It means the British manufacturer continues to have access to carwow’s marketplace expertise for the second half of the year.

The primary aim of the partnership, which has proven successful since its creation in 2019, is to help drive growth in Vauxhall’s share of electric vehicle sales, by reaching new audiences via carwow’s platforms.

The two companies have worked together on a variety of activities, including media, content, and retail network development. Vauxhall is continuing to subsidise the majority of the enquiry cost for its retailers on the carwow platform, and has agreed to extend this until at least the end of the year.

carwow has proven to be a key partner for us in not only reaching a new audience for the Vauxhall brand, but also working with us to deliver exciting and engaging content for our new product line up. 

The results of the partnership are clear, with the vast majority of our dealers now using carwow and converting leads to sale at an impressive rate of over 28%.

Clare White, head of marketing communications at Vauxhall

Vauxhall’s retail network has seen great success from the partnership, with a high average conversion rate from enquiry to sale, and more than 82% of enquiries have come within 50 miles of retailers.

Total Vauxhall sales on carwow are 48% EV year-to-date, driven mainly by the focus on targeted electric campaigns for the Corsa-e and Mokka-e models.

It’s been a pleasure to support Vauxhall in its transition to become a leader in EVs within the UK market. The team at Vauxhall have consistently taken an open minded approach, challenging the norms in both where and how to reach consumers and effectively blending their focus on both their own digital assets and footprint alongside that of key third party platforms as part of the consumer journey. 

The Vauxhall retail network has also whole heartedly adopted working with carwow – ensuring a seamless experience across each channel that consumers reach them through.

Sepi Arani, commercial director at carwow
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