IN a crowded market, new software company VLS DNA is launching off-the-shelf broker website software.

It has been 18 months under development by the Lancashire-based outfit and offers a modular structure with backend cms that allows brokers to make the site bespoke. It is built to be mobile friendly and dynamically responsive.

The site is driven by cap data – VLS DNA is a cap reseller – and the company’s good value launch offers include the cap licence. Director Tom Ashton told us:

“We have set our pricing in recognition that the industry is struggling because of COVID-19. Nevertheless, although our pricing is reduced, it still includes the cap licence. We’ve held the reseller licence since 2018 and have been constantly in touch with cap during the software’s development.”

VLS DNA is available in three stages:

  • Small broker plan – £225 (reduced from £349)
  • Medium broker plan – (£300 reduced from £425
  • Large broker plan – £375 reduced from £499

Ashton says the backend is very straightforward to operate and full support is given to walk new clients through the functions.

Nicely designed touches we’ve seen on the demo site include a ‘fast search facility’ button pane for EVs, hybrids, fast cars and so on, along with a pop up pane for users to see all the offers on a particular car derivative.

Other features include online digital signature and generation of quotes from the front end website directly linked to a client’s account.

The software development has been self-financed by the team of three. Ashton added:

“Since we started developing VLS DNA, the market has definitely become more crowded but we think our product is different enough to cut through. We offer a blend of IT database experience, and knowledge of the market. While I think other suppliers may have one or the other, we can offer both.”

Ashton says the plan is to grow the business.

“In an ideal world, our dream would be to have 50 brokers onboard by the end of the year. With such a good value pricing proposition, I think that is possible.”

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