VOLKSWAGEN has given its all-electric Golf a boost, reducing its price by almost £3,000. The e-Golf now starts at £27,575 after grants, making it more accessible for drivers looking to go electric.

There are also some interesting leasing deals that are now being promoted:  from sub-£200 a month (plus VAT).

With a range of 144 miles available between charges, the e-Golf will cover many driver’s daily range needs with plenty to spare. Performance is sprightly rather than fast, with the 0-62mph time covered in 9.6 seconds. Shorter bursts of acceleration make the electric VW feel quicker than that time suggests, thanks to 136hp and 290 Nm of torque available from standstill.

The move comes as VW prepares to launch its second generation electric vehicle. The ID.3 will replace the e-Golf next year, but until then, VW is sweetening the deal to keep the e-Golf competitive.

Geraldine Ingham, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen UK, said: “With ultra-low running costs and zero-emissions incentives, the e-Golf was already a value-packed offering by virtue of its electric powertrain.

“A sizable price realignment only makes the e-Golf a more tempting proposition to buyers; after all, it’s a Golf – one of the UK’s most popular cars – but with all the added benefits and bonuses associated with electric propulsion.”

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