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Name: Katie Rushton

Job title: Director, Planet Leasing Thurrock

How long in role: Since March 2022

What’s your role? Appointed Representative of Planet Leasing

IF ever there was a story of perseverance and battling the odds, then Katie’s story is just that.

Three years ago she was sacked from a leasing company. Katie thought the action was a case of unlawful sex discrimination and took it to tribunal. The court agreed. She won and was awarded costs.

Today, as a 31-year-old director of her own leasing business, the difference in situation couldn’t be greater.

‘Planet Leasing gave me the opportunity to become an AR, for which I am forever grateful.’

Katie continues: “I’d relocated to the south after a fairly traumatic time during and after the discrimination case, and had joined Planet Leasing as a leasing consultant. By January I wanted a new challenge and secured a position as a trainee business analyst with a software company.

“But on my last day at Planet Leasing, director Gary Rose pulled me aside and asked: ‘Why are you leaving? You’re still doing deals. Most people don’t when they know they’re going. Why don’t you do it yourself?’ Gary gave me the opportunity, had the trust in me and I ran with it!”

Since March she’s secured 50 deals as she continues to build a pipeline of both consumer and business deals. She says it’s important to spot the stock deals which can be quickly flipped to keep the cash coming in as well as the longer view as she builds the business for a stable income. 

Katie says she’s managed to earn payout on 50% of her deals so far.

“Once supply eventually comes back, I hope to be flying. My long term goal is to expand but realistically that will be five years. I want stability first. This is huge opportunity I’ve been given. So I don’t want to fall on my face. It’s about planning. Not the here and now. Perhaps after a couple of years I’ll bring on an apprentice who can learn from my own adversities.”

What’s Katie’s advice to other women wanting to enter the industry?

She says it’s important not to be afraid and to stick to your guns, don’t be worried about other people’s opinions but focus on showing what you can do.

‘I think women can offer a much more personalised experience, it’s more empathetic and they take a gentler approach.’

She also has this advice for employers. “Single mothers – I understand why it’s a concern to employers, but look at it this way: if you’re a single mum and don’t go to work, your children go hungry. So single parents are far more driven. They have an uncomplicated but committed approach. Don’t let them pass by.”
Katie Rushton and Planet Leasing Directors

About Planet Leasing Thurrock

Planet Leasing Thurrock is based in Thurrock, Essex, and is an AR of Southend-based Planet Leasing, also in Essex. Katie is pictured above with Planet Leasing directors Darren Nash (left) and Gary Rose at the Planet HQ.

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