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Name: Molly Kelly

Job title: UK Broker Sales Manager, Polestar

How long in role: 18 months, 2.5 years at Polestar

Current drive? Polestar 2

MOLLY Kelly is clearly one to watch. She launched her automotive career just five years ago but is already Polestar’s Broker Sales Manager for the UK. So, what led her into the industry. And to Polestar?

Molly reveals that, whilst some women covet a great bag or shoes, she has always appreciated a ‘good-looking car’, aspiring to have something special on her drive. And that’s part of the reason Molly joined Polestar – that, and a role she obviously loves.

From the outset, Molly clearly had a very strong work ethic. She studied for a business and management degree which she combined with a part time role at a recruitment firm. Then, when she graduated, she joined ROI – a fleet contact centre based in her hometown of Nantwich, Cheshire. She describes the move as ‘meant to be’ as she had always wanted a career in the automotive industry.

Molly says that she has found the sector great to work in, remarking:

‘I find it really exciting to be in the automotive industry as a young woman and I must say I’ve never felt I’ve had to justify being female. The industry is still male dominated which some women may find intimidating, but I have to say I’ve never felt it myself.’

At ROI, Molly was Business Development Manager for three years. She worked across a number of accounts, including Volkswagen Financial Services and Free2move. She then supported a Polestar project where she met Debbie Hunt, Polestar’s Head of Fleet Sales. Debbie’s encouragement led to Molly joining the manufacturer in 2021. She explains:

‘I immediately felt the buzz around Polestar and everything it stands for. Having gained an insight into the brand and established a great relationship with Debbie, it was a no brainer to move over. I love Polestar’s sustainability ethos and its position as a market disruptor. The people are dynamic, and the leadership is really open to doing things differently. The product line is also breathtaking.’

Molly started out as a Sales Executive, principally supporting the nascent Polestar broker channel. But it wasn’t long before the business identified that the broker channel could do significant volume and needed a dedicated lead. Eighteen months ago, Molly was promoted to her current position of UK Broker Sales Manager. She describes what the role involves:

‘Every day is different, which is great. Typically, I’m out on the road meeting new brokers talking all things Polestar, managing our key accounts and working with leasecos. I also spend time internally to develop our systems and processes to ensure we are simple to deal with.’

Molly says working with the broker channel, which Polestar sees as a true extension of its sales team, has been even better than she expected: 

‘The broker channel is such a great foundation for a career in this industry. Nearly every day someone inspires me, it’s brilliant to be around such motivated entrepreneurs and to hear their stories. Broking is also full of characters!’

Molly has found the sector to be both supportive and inclusive. She is delighted to see women in leadership roles which ‘inspires you on’. Her view is that women in senior positions have a responsibility to support the next generation coming through and ‘act as mentors to show what is possible in the industry’.

She reiterates that Debbie has been a great champion and gives this advice to anyone thinking about an automotive career:

‘Find yourself a good mentor, knock on all the doors and ask all the questions. You can learn so much from others - and their mistakes. Get a good circle of people around you and that will really help.’

So, what does the future look like for Molly?

‘I plan to stay within automotive and hope to build a long career with Polestar. I am so passionate about the brand and values. Right now, my aim is to continue to develop the broker channel and our relationships further and get even more experience under my belt.’

We’ll be watching Molly’s career with interest; her future looks very bright indeed.

About Polestar

Polestar began in Sweden and is now driven worldwide. It is an electric performance car brand, with a focus on uncompromised design and technology.  Polestar describes its cars as ‘fully charged with pure, progressive, performance.’ The brand has a strong focus on sustainability and aims to ‘improve the society we live in’.

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