Women in Broking

Women in Broking

Women in Broking is designed to raise the profile of women in the sector. Its aim is to encourage more women into the industry, change traditional attitudes to leadership gender, and provide support, networking and mentoring opportunities.

Women in Broking partner

Women in Broking is supported by our partner Drivalia. Drivalia is the newest funder in the market with a dedicated broker channel and a commitment to greater diversity in the sector.

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Why Women in Broking matters

”Automotive is a brilliant sector to work in but although there has been an improvement and a desire to bridge the gap, women continue to have a small representation within the industry. There is still a lack of awareness about the variety of roles available, especially among women, and we need to be getting that message out much, much earlier – in schools and universities.

With more women choosing a career in the industry, there are more of us to drive the positive change towards closing the gender gap supported by various initiatives such as the great work of Broker News, profiling some of the incredible women in the industry and raising awareness.

Their awards ceremony earlier this year included the Women in Broking award, which I was extremely fortunate to win, and this recognition is paramount to supporting women in the sector.”


Sam Ward, Managing Director, Vans Direct