CARPARISON Leasing has expanded its offering with the launch of Vanparison Leasing, a new dedicated van leasing service.

Backed by the Exeter-based broker team, Vanparison Leasing will work in the same way as Carparison, though focused specifically on the rapidly-expanding van market.

Having recently moved into new premises, Carparison’s expansion with Vanparison offers personal and business LCV leasing deals, fleet management solutions, and advice on subjects such as eLCVs and the industry’s stock issues.

The launch of Vanparison Leasing is another landmark moment in our company’s growth. We recognise the importance of the LCV sector and want to offer a standalone, designated area that covers all aspects of van leasing.

Matt Woodward, Vanparison general manager

Vanparison’s support network includes road safety charity Brake, with the leasing firm proud to support in its efforts to improve safety on the road, while fleet owners also have access to a bespoke Vanparison fleet management programme, powered by Odo Drive.

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