CBVC Vehicle Management has won the contract to manage the Europcar Mobility Group UK’s allocated company car fleet.

As part of the agreement, the Staffordshire based leasing broker and fleet management company will seek to continuously decarbonise the Group’s fleet in support of the rental and mobility provider’s ‘One Sustainable Fleet’ programme and encourage staff take-up of electric vehicles (EVs), as well as reducing benefit in kind (BIK) taxation.

Accessing CBVC’s Driver Vehicle Selection Portal, Europcar Mobility Group UK employees that choose EVs will be able to trade up a grade of vehicle. Plus cash allowance drivers wanting to capitalise on ultra-low BIK EVs will be able to opt back into the company car scheme. Crucially, CBVC is using whole life costs to generate multi-brand vehicle lists, with its expertise not only helping employees to go electric, but reduce costs thanks to its multi-bid acquisition provision.

Europcar Mobility Group has a clear aim to reduce emissions across the entire fleet and that has to include the company car vehicles we offer to our employees. In the UK we are supporting that mission by working with CBVC, which has worked hard with us over recent months to produce and deliver whole life cost based choice lists benefiting both the company and our company car drivers.

Ron Santiago, managing director, Europcar Mobility Group UK

Commenting on the client win, Mike Manners, managing director of CBVC Vehicle Management, added:

“We have been clients of Europcar Mobility Group UK for some considerable time through our rapidly expanding rental business, and it’s a great accolade for us to be awarded the contract to supply and manage its company car fleet. We have been working with many clients to reduce CO2 emissions and our technology incorporating video review and trade up option is really quick, informative and straightforward to use. Early orders from Europcar Mobility Group UK employees are showing a 90% take-up rate, so we are feeling confident that we will be able to deliver significant CO2 reductions across the company car fleet.

“EVs are a win-win with known tax rates and by using whole life costs to produce driver vehicle lists we will further support Europcar Mobility Group UK in its ambition to drive down CO2 emissions.”

CBVC will oversee ongoing maintenance management of the Europcar Mobility Group UK company car fleet, including managing the current legacy vehicles to the end of contract, as well as the company’s grey fleet cash allowance drivers.

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