A NEW brand campaign, designed to show customers how leasing their next car can help make driving dreams come true has been launched by Leasing.com.

The market deal aggregator has revealed “Dream it. Drive it” as part of the company’s growth plans for this year and beyond. The campaign will launch across TV, social media, and other platforms this month.

Creative agency Foxtrot Papa is behind the creation of the new campaign, which aims to help establish Leasing.com as a household name.

Featuring “Dan”, the content follows a protagonist through a sequence of Leasing.com branded fantasy scenarios, from a dream breakfast to perfectly behaved children. When snapping out of the fantasy, everything returns to normal, except he still has his dream car, a Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Recent analysis has shown the potential savings available for those choosing the leasing route when looking at new cars, particularly with electric vehicles.

Leasing.com has been at the forefront of supporting drivers to lease from day one. We’re the original car leasing comparison site and have helped over a million people find their dream car. 

We’ve been told by so many users how they spend hours and hours daydreaming on the site, checking out what they could be driving. So we’ve taken the Leasing.com dream to the next level with this creative.

Leasing is typically the most affordable option and allows everyday people to find their dream car at a price they can afford.

Dave Timmis, managing director, Leasing.com 

Using an electric vehicle (EV) as the featured “dream car” was essential for the campaign because of the huge growth in EV leasing. For the first quarter of 2022, enquiries for EVs via Leasing.com have risen by 144% .

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