ELECTRIC vehicle (EV) drivers aren’t scared of the miles.

A new report from home charger and energy comparison site Rightcharge.co.uk says customers looking for the most economical home charging tariff are planning to travel 10,948 miles a year.

That’s considerably more than petrol-powered vehicles: according to a 2020 RAC Foundation report, the average is just 7,490 miles.

It is interesting that EV drivers are planning more journeys and it’s further evidence that confidence in electric vehicles is going up, with many new EVs now covering more miles each year than petrol-powered models. And what’s more, their confidence in the distance they will travel is constantly being reassessed upwards. These high-mileage EVs aren’t just located in one or two regions of the UK either – our customers across all mainland areas of the country are looking to complete at least 10,000 miles a year in their battery-powered vehicles.

Charlie Cook, founder, Rightcharge.co.uk

The region planning most EV miles is in the East Midlands (11,685 miles), closely followed by those in North West England (11,654 miles) and the West Midlands (11,496 miles). Drivers in South Scotland were expecting to cover the least ground in their EVs, with an expected annual average of 10,263 miles.

From April this month, Ofgem raised the price cap on electricity costs, pushing up the costs of home charging and domestic usage.

EV drivers and their mileage plans by region

East Midlands11,685
North East10,432
North Scotland10,388
North Wales11,066
North West11,654
South East10,583
South Scotland10,263
South Wales11,044
South West11,144
West Midlands11,496
Source: Rightcharge.co.uk
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