PUT this date in your diary: 12 May, from 0900 to 1000. That’s when Leasing.com’s Paul Harrison, head of strategic partnerships at the leasing deal portal, will be talking about changing consumer mobility preferences in the BVRLA webinar A spotlight on mobility solutions.

Harrison says that motorists are moving away from Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) in favour of Personal Contract Hire (PCH).

Meanwhile, the automotive equivalent of Netflix streaming services is making headway with subscription-style services.

Harrison believes that not only will PCH continue to erode PCP’s market share in the future, but also that subscription offerings such as Care by Volvo, Porsche Passport and the independent solutions from Drover and EVezy will move from niche to mainstream.

Harrison added:

“Our data shows that change is happening. Individuals and families are becoming increasingly aware of the cost benefits brought by ‘hiring’ a depreciating asset, rather than purchasing it.

“Increasing frugality following months of reduced spending provides short-term answers, while the digital nature of leasing – and its lack of reliance on showrooms – suggests that the emerging themes are here to stay.”

More information – and a chance to register for the webinar, is here: Webinar puts spotlight on mobility solutions.

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