SILVERSTONE Fleet Management have handed over a cheque for more than £1,000 to the Cynthia Spencer Hospice. Scott Norville and Ryan Bishop from the leasing firm delivered the funds to Nina Gandy from the charity, after Silverstone Fleet Management’s fundraising campaign went viral.

An idea was brought together to do a singing challenge using the hashtag ‘#singforcynthia’. Those nominated must sing any song of their choice – either in the car, home, or office – videoing it and posting it on LinkedIn. Once completed, two new singers are nominated, and money is donated if someone likes or decides against the video.

Within 72 hours of Aby and Holly from the office kicking things off, it went viral in the county, with local businesses in Northamptonshire joining in and more than 40 videos uploaded.

Scott Norville, Managing Director of Silverstone Fleet Management said: “Cynthia Spencer Hospice Charity has been our chosen charity this year and will continue for 2020. As a team we are trying to raise as much money for this fantastic charity, which the special care they provide has touched many people in Northampton and with Silverstone being a privately owned company based in Northampton also, we want to give something back.”

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