GLASGOW-based website and software designer Automotus has been upgrading its customer portal to allow greater customer self-administration.

The company says that it will help smooth the customer journey from enquiry to vehicle delivery.

The existing customer portal will now feature a new upload facility with the ability to provide proof of address, driver licence and so on beyond the original ability to just view the online vehicle order status.

Our system allows brokers to now send their customers an email or sms alert notifying them that they need to provide required documentation such as a driving licence, which they can log into their customer account and upload directly. This pushes the documentation directly into the relevant customer’s order document store and notifies the relevant account manager and/or admin that the documentation has been received.

Frankie Healy, director, Fire5 Digital – developers of Automotus

Frankie says that the upgrade also introduces direct customer communication via the portal to facilitate the sending of emails and text messages that also provides ‘pushes’ for customers to manage their account online with a secure messaging service. 

Frankie Healy

The messages will automatically store against the customer record and also provide greater transparency as well as a better history trail

Frankie Healy

Frankie continues: “The customer has the ability to reply directly within the portal – which pushes back into the CRM and notifies the broker administrator – which then allows the broker to respond if required; effectively building up a conversation within the portal and customer and order records within the CRM. This new functionality is due to roll out for all Automotus brokers at the beginning of January after the festive break.”

Fleet management facility coming to the new portal

Healy also said that the upgraded customer portal allows the expansion into online fleet management functionality for Automotus brokers. As part of ongoing road map developments and client projects, new fleet management functionality allowing a fleet manager to view the active vehicles, update vehicle mileages and view when MOTs are required, is due for development in January.

“There’s still lots to come in terms of our road map for the system going into 2022 and we have a number of new feature and integration announcements due in Q1 next year,” Frankie added.

Currently there are 60+ active leasing brokers using the Automotus website and CRM platform. The modular system allows brokers to choose Automotus Go! for full website provision or choose Automotus CMS or Automotus CRM.

Recently Automotus integrated the Fleet Procure broker/dealer vehicle purchasing system into the CRM.

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