MIRRORING a similar move in the US, Fisker is lowering prices on the Ocean SUV by between 20 to 25% effective from 03 April 2024 on existing inventory the company holds.

The promising EV startup has found itself facing a cash crisis following the collapse of talks with a major OEM which, had they succeeded, would have unlocked funding.

Instead Fisker is slashing prices to generate cash income and reduce inventory.

In the UK, the company has just gone live with its price reductions on existing stock, with cuts up to £15,000.

The amount depends on the models in stock, and covers Ocean Extreme, Ultra and Sport designations.

Broker News saw the following vehicle reductions:

  • Fisker Ocean Extreme: £44,385 – reduced from £59,385 (£15,000 saving)
  • Fisker Ocean Ultra: £43,545 – reduced from £55,545 (£12,000 saving)
  • Fisker Ocean Sport: £32,260 – reduced from £39,260 (£7,000 saving)

However, anyone interested in these vehicles should be aware of the ‘buyer beware’ rider that comes with the purchase of this existing stock.

“Due to the current economic situation of the manufacturer Fisker Group Inc. and the Fisker sales companies in Europe, there is a risk of limited support and limited services for the vehicles. Buyers must expect a permanent loss of the enforceability of claims for material defects and warranty claims.”

Stateside, Fisker lowered the 2023 Ocean Extreme trim by $24,000, to $37,499 from $61,499 MSRP. The 2023 Ultra trim was repriced at $34,999, reduced from $52,999; and the 2023 Sport was repriced at $24,999, reduced from $38,999.

Announcing the US prices drops, Fisker said that it was “strategically positioning the all-electric Ocean SUV to be a more affordable and compelling EV choice, competitively available to EV buyers in the broadest possible market, and constantly improving via frequent Over-the-air (OTA) software updates.”

In the US, the company said it would continue to provide Fisker owners with software updates, service, and customer support.

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