THE broker/dealer procurement platform, Fleet Procure, has extended its market reach with the inclusion of two new brokers to its system.

Both Kent-based Skyfleet and Hippo Leasing from Blackburn, Lancashire, bring a further 2000 units annually to the procurement platform in agreements that were concluded in February and early March.

It now takes the volume of vehicles transacted by Fleet Procure to 21,000 annually giving it a significant presence in the leasing broker sector.

More brokers have reached out to us during the last six months than ever before as they begin to realise the benefit of a fully digitised vehicle procurement platform which is backed by over 250 dealers and nine vehicle manufacturers. Brokers gain improved volume vehicle purchase terms, greater stock availability and access to exclusive bulk purchase deals. They also benefit from streamlined vehicle configuration, and an order and delivery process which creates efficiencies and accuracies in their procurement process. This is alongside cutting edge data encryption for GDPR purposes in how customer data is transferred between dealers. In a short space of time, Fleet Procure has become the buying system in the market.

Lee Jones, managing director, Fleet Procure

Fleet Procure has been on a rapid rise in popularity since summer 2020, reaching a total of 67 leasing broker, including the most recent additions of Skyfleet and Hippo Leasing. Just over 50% of those broker users have come as a result of the Bridle Group, which has offered Fleet Procure as part of its franchise offering, which has also rapidly taken off since summer 2020.

Jones said that the Fleet Procure developers were working on further major system enhancements that would be launched at the start of Q2, in addition to working more closely with some of the FN50 leasing companies on joint projects.

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