AS an example of how the automotive log jam could be lifted, many German dealers went back to work yesterday (20 April 2020)

It depends on region – Bavaria for example doesn’t go back until April 27 – but largely Germany is gently lifting lockdown restrictions for small shops, car dealers and bookstores.

Germany has been less affected by the coronavirus outbreak with some 4400 deaths at the time of writing. But contact restriction remain in force until 03 May.

Haico van der Luyt, managing director of Peugeot in Germany, said: 

“From now on, our Peugeot dealers will personally advise all interested parties on site. This is a good and important step for our dealers, in which we give them the best possible support. Of course, the current safety measures are strictly observed in car dealerships, because protecting everyone remains our top priority. In addition, the employees of the Peugeot locations will continue to provide advice by phone and e-mail to help customers find the right mobility solution from home. ”

Boss of Renault Germany, Uwe Hochgeschurtz, added: 

“Our dealerships are ready and look forward to as many customers as possible. Most Renault service companies have been there for their customers in the past few weeks. Now local sales are starting again, and our dealers are eager to finally sell cars again. Of course, the safety and health of customers and employees come first. ”

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