WELL, this is interesting Ford. Following on from the Transit PHEV, we now have the planned unveil of a fully electric Ford Transit.

The all-electric e-Transit will be fully unveiled on 12 November, 2020.

The new Transit is part of Ford’s electrification programme, most notably headed by the Mach-E Mustang.

Ford says the van will meet changing consumer demands for green delivery.

Ford E Transit TEASER LOGO 16X9

A survey conducted in the US, UK and Germany by Google found that more than 60% of Americans and 68 percent of Brits cared about the environmental impact of goods being delivered to their homes. That’s a significant 12% increase in the States alone since earlier in the year.

In all three countries, more than half of respondents say they’d choose a green delivery service over a conventionally powered van if price and arrival times were the same. And even if they have to wait longer for a delivery via zero-emissions vans, nearly half of Americans and Brits say they would do so.

Ford says it will reveal the zero emission Transit on 12 November.

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