RICHMOND-based broker, Kew Vehicle Leasing, has launched an Authorised Representative (AR) programme as part of its 2020 growth strategy.

Managing director, Lee Jones, said that the aim was to recruit up to 25 ARs with an offer that was similar to a franchise, but allowed the AR to retain their brand and trading style.

Commenting, he said:

“I think the time is right. The barriers and cost of entry to becoming a funder-led broker are rising all the time. It means plenty of good brokers are increasingly relying on dealer based rates to make a living.

“Providing the right tools and infrastructure means we can assist these businesses to fulfill their potential. We have experienced staff to support their growth, we have funders to access the best deals, and we also have the Fleet Procure dealer/broker online platform to ensure seamless ordering, security and full compliance.”

Jones added that key to the offering was the back office support provision – “it enables brokers to focus on selling and building local business relationships without the requirement for admin staff” – while supporting cash flow with commission payable 14 days in arrears on a single invoice at the end of each month. 

The cost of the Kew Vehicle Leasing AR programme is £395+VAT a month with an initial set up fee from £995+VAT. 

The programme includes a Calas website, full compliance, VOIP phone system, funder access fees and Fleet Procure licence.

Jones added that five ARs had already been recruited and were currently going through a contract and approval process.

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