Paul Isaacs

PAUL Isaacs (pictured left), the MD of Skyfleet, is fundraising to buy and convert heavy duty vehicles into ambulances to help support injured civilians in the Ukraine war.

But the boss of the Ashford in Kent leasing broker is doing more than just fundraising. He’s going to drive a converted ambulance down to the Polish/Ukraine border.

He explains:

I had donated money, but I felt I really should be doing more. I then saw how a couple of mechanics had prepared a Land Rover Discovery for lifesaving work on the battle field and that was all I needed. I started fundraising to purchase two more Discoveries as well as getting actively involved in areas such as the purchase of essential medical supplies and body bags to be used in the ambulances.

Paul says the basic plan is to buy and prepare 4×4 ‘ambulances’, sticker them up correctly with a red cross, fill them with emergency supplies before driving them the 1100 miles to the Ukraine border where they will be left for use by Ukraines to help the injured and sick.

Paul added:

The Discovery D3 pictured is ideal as it allows the seats to be folded flat and allows a stretcher to be placed inside with a medic by their side. It’s also ideal for navigating what’s left of the roads in some of the damaged villages.

Readers of Broker News can help assist Paul in his endeavours by donating to his fundraising page. Click on the link below: Ambulance for Ukraine

Discovery ambulance

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