MANY leasing brokers will have come across Shaun Barritt, the Grosvenor Group’s CEO, who has sadly died aged 64 after battling late stage sarcomatoid mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer.

Having joined the business in 1984, Shaun worked his way through to becoming managing director, and more recently Group CEO.

His vision, drive, innovative spirit and passion turned the Grosvenor Group into one of the most admired contract hire and fleet management companies in the sector.

Adopting an incredibly engaging management style, and sitting at his desk in the open plan office amongst everyone else, his energy and positivity, coupled with a huge sense of fun, was felt by those around him.

“He had a very natural ability to make everyone feel genuinely valued and appreciated,” said Nicola Johnson, Chairwoman, “which is why Grosvenor is the ‘family’ that we are today.

“In reality, there is so much to say about Shaun. We are not only the UK’s largest privately-owned contract hire and fleet management business, but a company that is known across our entire sector for our pioneering spirit, exceptional service levels and outstanding portfolio of products and services.

“The role that Shaun played in making the Grosvenor Group what it is today will always be remembered, and full and proper tributes will be paid to his incredible legacy.

“Thanks to Shaun, we have a very strong, experienced, stable and longstanding senior leadership team here at Grosvenor, and everyone who knew him will miss him dearly.”

Shaun was the driving force behind the company’s association with Select Car Leasing, which provides personal leasing for Grosvenor Group clients.

Shaun Barritt passed away peacefully on Sunday 06 February with his family around him at home.

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