THE Tesla brand is the most searched-for car brand on Google searches.

The Elon Musk nameplate, which has revolutionised the UK’s interest in electric motoring, outscored the premium German manufacturers in the number of Google monthly search volumes, said Intelligent Car Leasing. 

The Glasgow broker analysed the search volume data of 33 OEMs using the online SEO analysis tool ahrefs. Tesla was top with 415k searches followed by BMW (283k), Mercedes (279k), and Audi (233k).

Given that Tesla has only been around since 2003, the fact that the all-electric car brand has eclipsed the UK’s long-standing love affair with premium German manufacturers really highlights how successful Elon Musk’s marketing of the brand has been.

Marc Murphy, head of marketing, Intelligent Car Leasing

The Tesla Model 3 has been the stand out car for the electric only car brand. Having launched in the UK in June 2019, it became the UK’s third best-selling model in August of that year.

However, perhaps just as surprisingly, Hyundai placed fifth in the search volume, outscoring Vauxhall, Toyota and Ford.

Murphy suggested that Hyundai’s growth has been on the back of significant investment in ultra low emission and fully-electric cars. “We’ve also noticed a strong surge in customers looking for the Hyundai Kona on lease, as well as the IONIQ range of vehicles,” added Murphy.

Volkswagen was on 10th, but this could change once its all-electric ID.3 hatchback starts becoming available noted Murphy.

The top 10 brands on Goolge search
Top 10 brands by search volume – source Intelligent Car Leasing
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