LEASING broker DriveSmart has introduced an EV Salary Sacrifice calculator to its car and van analysis website. 

Salary sacrifice is becoming one of the hottest employment topics at the moment with the potential to help employees drive new electric cars with substantial cost and tax savings compared with retail purchases. 

Businesses and employees looking to swap into a company car with a salary sacrifice plan can now check the costs, tax and net pay impact instantly at the DriveSmart website. 

Russell Thoms, director, DriveSmart

The Sunbury-on-Thames leasing broker says the tool is free to use and includes a database of over 6,000 cars. These include EVs, petrol, diesel and hybrids, with detailed calculations of pay, tax and national insurance before and after salary sacrifice

The tool allows users to compare the running costs of electric cars side-by-side with petrol/diesel/hybrid alternatives, including detailed forecasts for depreciation, maintenance and fuel costs. 

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