FORMER broker and director of Neva Consultants, Graham Prince, has helped provide insight into a new White Paper from QV Systems.

Entitled The Auto-Brokers Guide to Repeated, Reliable Renewals, the White Paper offers tips to create repeat business that can provide additional value to your brokerage, while increasing renewal rates.

Prince (pictured above) says: “One of the core reasons customers work with a broker is to feel that they have someone to guide them through a significant transaction. For this to feel tangible, the customer should know the broker will support them throughout the length of the contract, rather than only having a reputation for offering competitive deals.”

The guide offers insights into how to add value throughout the in-life experience, while providing the basis for a relationship that extends to a new lease.

The QV Systems White Paper offers this advice to brokers:

  • Keep the conversation going in-life. 
  • Use automated tasks – or ‘trigger points’ – to communicate appropriately.
  • In-life conversations can also establish whether the customer has moved home: capture the data.
  • Start the repeat process early – you might be forgotten because all payments go to the car funder.
  • If you have all the customer details you’ll be easy to do business with.
  • And you can focus on providing value, removing price from the equation.

To download the White Paper click on the image below:

Broker News QV White Paper

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