THERE’S another new competitor offering flexible leasing on a subscription style basis that has just launched. It’s called SOGO.

SOGO is backed by dealer group Cambria Automobiles plc and is headed by experienced automotive executive Karl Howkins, who includes head of fleet at Vauxhall and managing director of Citroen on his CV.

While details are still vague, SOGO says it will launch an innovative leasing model for SMEs, micro-businesses and corporates.

These ultra-flexible leases will be available from one month to four years. The company aims to build a fleet of 5000 vehicles in its first year based on a subscription model that includes comprehensive insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover and industry-leading flexibility.

The business will be a digitally-led service so that customers can order a vehicle in a matter of minutes. It is also creating a customer service centre in Milton Keynes to ensure phone-based customer support.

The leasing market continues to grow apace and accounted for over two million vehicles last year. Our research shows that customers are demanding increasingly flexible leases and, of course, value. We believe our business model combines fantastic service and cutting edge technology to deliver an industry-leading service for small businesses and the iPhone generation alike.

Karl Howkins, managing director, SOGO

SOGO says it will operate nationally with a network of logistics hubs. It will owns and manage its supply chain and is in negotiations with a number of OEMs to build stock ahead of launch. Vehicles will be remarketed through its own sponsored channels, the company said.

Howkins added that there would be a “significant national launch” in the coming weeks. And following the roll out of the business offering, there would be a consumer version to follow.

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