KEITH Allen, the former ALD Automotive and ARI Fleet UK boss, has joined APD Compliance Solutions as an equity stakeholder and board member.

The appointment coincides with APD’s accelerated expansion of its Compliance360 product into the broker and dealer sectors, which can assist with monitoring customer feedback and behaviour.

Allen commented on his appointment:

“After seeing the APD Compliance360 platform, it was obvious this was a game-changer. From evidencing and monitoring current and any future compliance issues the FCA may raise, its widespread use will assist the automotive sector in taking a proactive lead in self-governance of its responsibilities to customers.”

The APD compliance solution allows brokers and dealers to evidence compliance to meet existing and most recent FCA directives with minimal disruption to their business or cost.

Compliance360 can deliver real-time monitoring of customer behaviour, understanding and satisfaction of the sales process for lenders and their dealer and broker networks.

APD says that all stakeholders have visibility of outcomes and a monitoring device to drive continued improvement in both compliance and service levels.

Allen continued:

“In my previous roles working closely with brokers and dealers, compliance has always been a major challenge. It is of equal concern inside franchised dealer networks and with the huge growth in personal finance products, internal compliance processes have struggled to keep up with legislative requirements.

“Whilst the use of digital sales platforms have improved the speed and accuracy of the order process, these are unable to meet the areas which FCA research has identified as areas of concern.

“Our role is to work with brokers, dealer groups and independents to improve their processes and behaviour around selling financial products to avoid them suffering sanctions from the finance governing bodies.”

This is the second role Allen has taken up within the broker market, having recently joined CBVC Vehicle Management as a consultant.

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