Paul Isaacs

PAUL Isaacs, the MD of Kent-based Skyfleet (left), is continuing his fundraising to help Ukraine with the delivery of its fourth vehicle to the war-torn country.

Having already taken out converted ambulances, this time Paul – along with fellow director Toby Mileham – has delivered a Mercedes refrigerated van thanks to generous donations.

Paul said:

This van was loaded to the roof with all the necessary supplies – all of which had been asked for by the medical unit and people in Ukraine that we support. A reminder that we – only with kind donations - were able to deliver over 16,000 sanitary products, 5,000 water purification tablets, anti-bacterial sanitiser, wipes, and hand gel, bandages, 5000+ Paracetamol, plus bandages, syringes, IV infusion tubes, wheelchairs, crutches, T-shirts, body bags, pet food (let's not forget the animals!), clothes, eye protection, laser pens (to mark mines), bedding, towels, tooth paste...the list goes on.

The chiller van was delivered with new tyres, windscreen, and a freshly serviced chiller unit to the “Kindness Station” (pictured below) in northern Ukraine to help deliver food and supplies to the areas that need it the most.

Kindness station

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