Face up to it: turbulence is ongoing

THERE’s no getting away from it. The auto industry remains in delivery turmoil, with little predictability over when a new car will arrive. In fact, the only given is that delivery waits are affecting EVs most. I met a friend for Sunday lunch, who has leased a series of BMW X5/6s but is looking for electric this time. Told him to start now: Lee Jones of Fleet Procure tells me wait times are nine to 12 months. There’s more analysis in our lead story while we also take a look at what 2023 registrations are likely to bring according to Cox Automotive.

Ralph Morton, editor

Key stories this week

  • Vehicle delivery times continue to fluctuate wildly – read the story here.
  • 2023 registrations at 1.77m says Cox Automotive – story here.
  • Virtual training courses on new Consumer Duty available – read about it here.
  • With electricity charging costs on the rise, has the WLC balance tipped to ICE rather than EV? – find out more here.
  • Meet the Godzilla of EV chargers – read the story here.
  • Vehicle bounce back looks unlikely – read the story here.
  • Read the full Broker News Newsletter 01 November 2022 here.
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