FORD terms holder, Carmmunity, is providing leasing brokers with additional opportunities to earn commission, with a new partnership with stolen vehicle recovery company Tracker.

Tracker is the only stolen vehicle recovery provider that works with the UK’s police forces to recover stolen vehicles. Its solutions work like an electronic homing device via a transmitter hidden in one of several dozen places on a vehicle.

Carmmunity says brokers can use the company’s portal to configure a car or van, add the appropriate Tracker solution, and have it paid for over the vehicle’s lease term. Carmmunity adds that it will enable brokers to earn commission and boost customer loyalty.

Sales and marketing director Hamel Patel says he was prompted to offer the facility when his wife’s car was stolen from their house and then used for a burglary. 

“The experience was shocking for us as a family, but for businesses, the impact of having a vehicle stolen can be extremely detrimental, particularly if it’s a commercial vehicle which accounts for up to 80% of our lease agreements. It’s not just the inconvenience of a vehicle being taken, including the time and effort taken to replace it, but ensuring business continuity is maintained, reputations are protected and of course, the cost of replacing expensive tools and equipment inside of it.

“Tracker’s unique relationship with the police and its impressive stolen vehicle recovery rate were the deciding factors in selecting them as our partner. Together, Tracker and the police have recovered over £561 million worth of stolen vehicles, made 2,798 arrests from cars fitted with Tracker products and continue to recover on average £1 million worth of stolen vehicles each month.” 

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